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New Car Buyer Tips from Martin Chrysler Ltd

New Car Buyer Tips from Martin Chrysler Ltd

As the preeminent dealership in the Brooks, Alberta area, Martin Chrysler Ltd. can provide customers with some tips for buying a new car that will serve them well in every purchase. Whether you're a first-time or repeat consumer, you avoid breaking your bank when you buy a new car from a dealer anywhere in Canada by sticking to the following tips:

Overall Price Over Payment

Firstly, it's important to remember a vehicle's final sales price is negotiable, and while a monthly payment amount might help you work out your budget, it's the total price that you should consider when completing your purchase. That way, you'll have an easier time of keeping tabs on both fees and taxes.

Options & Features Can Add Up

Once you've chosen your ideal vehicle from your dealer's new inventory and determined the total sales price, you'll be better positioned to treat yourself to any features or add-ons. But as with the purchase price, these options are often offered in monthly payments, so remember to find out the total cost of every feature you want. That way, you can put your purchase into perspective and potentially spare yourself some hefty expenses.

Mind Your Interest Rate

Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payment plans are important parts of your purchase, of course, but the interest rate on your loan is paramount. Even a slight shift in interest can break your bank, which is why we recommend comparing potential payment plans and terms through manufacturer websites.

Crunch the Numbers

Before you complete your financing application, you can take a lot of the guesswork out of your payment plan by simply doing the math. By taking into account the length, monthly payment, and interest rate of any potential financing terms, you can determine how much you'll be paying in total interest and which terms suit your budget best.

Try to Avoid Administration Fees

You may be met with some administration fees before you finalize your purchase, and like the sales price, they're subject to negotiation, if not to removal. Many dealerships won't even include these charges, but if yours does, feel free to negotiate or try to get them written off altogether before completing your purchase.

If you'd like further information or car buying tips, feel free to contact us at Martin Chrysler Ltd.

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