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What Does The Jeep Trail Badge Mean?

What Is Jeep Trail Rated?

Jeep Trail Rated is a rating system for the Jeep Trail sports utility vehicle and was launched in 1994 by Jeep. It is a way of informing consumers which jeeps are capable of comfortably performing in off-road conditions. The method includes testing and rating Jeep vehicles in various categories that include manoeuvrability, articulation, traction, water fording, and ground clearance. Jeep has earned its position as maintaining the proper balance of suspension, durability, wheelbase, and the power to allow drivers to take complete control of their vehicle in locations that other automobiles cannot handle.

How Do Jeep Vehicles Get a Trail Rated Badge?

Jeep Vehicles achieve a Trail Rated Badge when they pass the testing phases, including traction, water fording, articulation, and ground clearance. The significance in testing these areas includes how the vehicle reacts in unpredictable weather and adverse terrain conditions. Whether you are driving in the rain, sleet, mud, snow, deep water, or off-road terrain, Jeep ensures their vehicles respond to the driver's needs quickly and safely. Jeep ensures their cars get the Trail Rated Badge because their cars come equipped with computer technology. This technology responds to the vehicle's needs by delivering the right amount of power when it needs it. Jeeps come built to respond well to rugged terrain conditions and maintain the proper ground clearance in any terrain. Jeeps that pass the ground clearance test have undergone testing in the Moab desert in Utah and California's Rubicon Trail.

Which Jeep Vehicles Hold a Trail Rated Status?

Various New Jeep vehicles hold a Trail Rated status, including the Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon and the Wrangler Rubicon. These vehicles have a top score for traction, water fording, manoeuvrability, and articulation. The Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon also scores first place for ground clearance.

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