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Mopar Express Lane

MOPAR Express Lane in Brooks, AB

Get the best of two worlds. The Mopar Express Lane allows you to fill two needs with one deed. It's not only an oil change service. It's a routine maintenance checkup that can save some of the most expensive and crucial parts of your car from massive damage, which keeps you from a world of trouble and repair costs in the long run-performed by authorized dealership experts in 30 minutes or less. Drive right in! There are no appointments required or taken.

So, What Does the Express Maintenance Checkup Service Include?

First, we Check: Air Filter, Adjust Tire Pressure, Brakes, Brake and Reverse Lamps, Drive Belts and Hoses, Headlamps, Steering and Transmission, Tail Lamps, Tire Wear, Turn Signals, Wiper Blades and Test Battery.

Then, we Check And Fill: Brake Fluid, Coolant, Differential Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, Transmission Fluid, and Windshield Fluid.

And during the routine maintenance, we provide Oil Changes for all makes & models, Air Filter Replacement, Battery Test, Headlamp Replacement, Light Bulb Replacement, Tire Rotation with Brake Inspection, Vehicle Checkup, and Wiper Blade Replacement.

At Martin Chrysler, the Parts Department stocks and supplies our customers with the best quality and genuine parts.

We value your trust and do not take it lightly.

Here is a brief explanation as to why routine maintenance is important:

Oil Change

A motor has hundreds of moving parts that rely on oil to lubricate them. Having a clean oil means better lubrication, smoother engine operation and longer engine life. Your driving habits and the manufacturer's recommendations should guide the timing of when to change your oil.

Tire Rotation

Tires play an essential role in your safety on a ride. By ensuring your tires stay inflated properly, have the correct tread depth and rotated and aligned as should be, we help provide you with the best route to stay safe.


All brakes deteriorate with time, and the length of time depends on your driving style and requirements. That is why, as part of every Express Lane checkup, we thoroughly inspect the brakes. Our Service Centre will notify you If repairs are required, and we have the skilled experts to get the job done correctly!

So the next time you're in traffic and the oil light comes on popping up on your vehicle's dashboard, take a short detour to Mopar Express Lane. Our technicians will have you back on the road in no time.